IMPORTANT UPDATE! I screwed up and managed to create skin-on-face-itis for the teen male S1 default. I’ve replaced the link to the defaults with an updated file, so please redownload!


Hey guys! Sorry this took so long. Funnily enough, college is actually keeping me busy. Who knew?

After a lot of fiddling around, I’m happy to say I’ve successfully created some fit and fat states for Lilith’s Feathers skinblend! Credit to Leh for her textures (damn, those ABS), to Trapping for her lovely colour actions, and to my own brain for impeccable guesswork (really, no idea how I managed this). These states have been added to defaults, geneticized + townified version, AND custom version.

Defaults use Light Rose, Sunkissed, Sunheat, and Sunset. Genetic values can be found for the geneticized versions in a text file in the download. :)




Engram did some defaults without fit and fat using Warmth as her S1 at her Tumblr; if anyone would like me to create a default of Warmth with the new states, feel free to request!

Let me know if you encounter any problems, and happy simming!

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