Sometimes I wish I had a Japanese-themed neighborhood because just think how many thousands of super-long names I could create and inflict upon the world.

Example (while LiveSimming):

"So here we are in Katahokohigashimachi - wait crap, I went too far down the street, we’re in Makinohonmachi now… Aaaand now we’re in Kitakatahokocho."

Khalil was requested for upload by graphicon, so here he is, ready to woo your sim ladies, lads, and all others! Plus some extra pictures of him making cute faces because really, why not.


Happy simming! Give him a good home and lots of love. (His LTW in my game is to Woohoo 20 different sims…)

I think he’ll make a great suitor for a Gen 3 when college comes about!

:D *squeals and claps her hands like a child*

Oooh, what a babe!

Yay, I’m glad you think so! Can’t wait to see what happens if you put him in your game. :D

graphicon sent:
can you upload the last male sim? /post/52737071128/continuing-from-part-one-of-my-300-followers-gift

Sorry to reply so late! You mean this guy, right?

I’d be happy to upload him! Just to warn you though, since I changed his appearance for that preview, he looks a little different in my game. He’s still a cutie though. ^-^ I’ll have him up sometime this weekend!

that is just mean XD

Yeahhh somehow I get the feeling it would just make everyone mad, haha.

So I was thinking the other day that if I was a more well-known creator I would have said I was converting to a paysite for April Fool’s because that is the worst joke in the history of jokes and not funny in the slightest.

plumbbob-fruit replied to your post: Hello world. (yes I am 20 and wearing …

I’m turning 22 soon and I’m just not wearing an ensemble like this because I haven’t found anything like that yet. So calm your dots :D

Haha all right all right, dots calmed. :P Come to Japan! They have lots of cute clothing here. :D