Sometimes I want to answer, “On the google.” xD

Anonymous sent:
Hi, I love the add-ons you make for Lilith's skins! I was wondering if you could edit some of your and/or her skins to fit Aquilegia's androgyny body shape. Feathers or Honey would be fine, and even if you can't/won't, thanks for making awesome skins :D

Oh anon, I’m not even sure how I would go about doing this, sorry! If I had more time I would try to learn but I’m just too busy at the moment. Are there any other talented creators who could take a shot at this?

Recent cuties~

I’m sick so things have been pretty scrambled over here, but nice new monitor means 1080p simming!

Anonymous sent:
Hi, I love your freckled Feathers edit, but in my game, the warmth shade (and that shade only) has skin colored teeth. Is there a way to fix it? I didn't delete it so I wouldn't have to make over any townies but one of my sims was born with it. Thank you!


Oh yikes, that sounds terrifying. xD Must have missed putting the teeth on that skin. I’ll check it out and see if the eyes are messed up as well. Sounds like a simple copypasta job, so I should have the file up tomorrow. :)

HERE is the gen + town version of the file, and HERE is the custom version. :) Please let them override the originals.

(I’ll make a legit post for this tomorrow when I have a chance to go in-game for a preview picture.)

selahgio replied to your video post: “Let’s Play The Sims 2 (All EPs) - Ep. 9 This video was a pain and a…”:
Omg I need more darling :)

I’ll come back to it! Just need some variety on my channel for now. :)

sweeterin sent:
Hi! So umm, is it possible for abigail to have her fun with 17 more, AND also start a family? (or would that not work, because i haven't actually tried that, yet)

Oh yeah, it’s totally possible! It’ll probably end up happening at some point too, I just need to figure out which one of her lovers she’ll settle down with. :P Atilla is funny but tiring so it probably won’t be him, sadly. Maybe Siobhan? There are still so many more people she hasn’t been with to choose from. xD

Let’s Play The Sims 2 (All EPs) - Ep. 9

This video was a pain and a half to get up, but let me introduce the last of the Sims 2 LP series! (At least for a while; it’ll come back, don’t worry.)



you guys I just…



you guys I just…

P.S. I won’t be uploading the latest Sims 2 LP until tomorrow because school happened and I planned everything wrong oops